Design and feasibility of quad band rectifier for RF energy harvesting technique for wireless technology

Sunanda Roy, Jun Jiat Tiang, Mardeni Bin Roslee, Md Tanvir Ahmed, M A Parvez Mahmud


The aim of this study is to investigate the feasibility of scavenging multiple RF energy sources from various wireless communication networks (WCN) in ambient environment. In such situations, the exact number of available RF frequency bands is unknown. Therefore, the initial objective of this research is to realize the realistic harvester operation at ambient RF energy levels obtained within rural and semi-urban atmosphere. In order to design highly sensitive multiband RF energy harvester, practical RF power spectral surveys are conducted at Multimedia University (MMU) within a semi- urban region in Malaysia. Based on this RF survey results, a quad-band rectifier circuit (including RF filter, matching section, signal converter, and low-pass filter (LPF)) is suggested over the available preferred frequency bands from the major RF power suppliers (GSM800, GSM1800, 3G and Wi-Fi) within the range of frequency (0.5-3 GHz) part of the RF spectrum. The novel impedance matching technique proposed in this research will increase the performance of the rectifier in an ambient environment. The maximum efficiency for RF to DC rectification is up to 84% for -10 dBm RF input levels and DC output voltage across the load of that rectifier is 11 V with 10 kΩ~20 kΩ load resistance.


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