Voluntary Policy Interventions: Elevating Safety and Health Compliance in Aircraft Ground Handling Operations

Muhafiza Musa, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha@Isa


Objective – The present study intends to examine the safety culture and safety performance outcomes relationship, present the findings on safety culture dimensions and discuss in detailed on the moderating role of occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) policy interventions.

Methodology/Technique – A literature research was employed to review occupational safety and health area on specific safety culture dimensions with regard to aviation (between year 1997 to 2018) as well as law and science policy on human behaviour.

Findings – The findings on safety culture dimensions were discovered from a multilevel perspective of safety culture and climate studies and were categorised as generalisation and personalisation. The findings also demonstrated the mandatory and voluntary approach in carrying out the OHSMS policy interventions.

Novelty – The findings on safety culture dimensions indicated the functionality of generalisation and personalisation that potray the substance of the workplace culture for the aircraft ground handling. The introduction of voluntary policy interventions to elevate OHSMS compliance were essential to the study because they revealed people's willingness to change their behaviour, practice self-regulation and respond to the existing regulatory models.

Type of Paper: Conceptual

Keywords: OHSMS; voluntary compliance; safety culture; safety performance outcomes

DOI: https://doi.org/10.35609/gjetr.2019.4.4(3)

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