Adoption and Commercialization of Green Corn, Green Corn –Based Silage, Haylage and Ummb Production for Dairy Cattle in Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Eva U. Cammayo, Nilo E. Padilla


This research aimed to improve dairy production and increase income of dairy farmers using locally available feed resources. Small-scale milk producers rely heavily on available feed resources in the locality which are either indigenous in the area or introduced species for feed and nutrition of their dairy cattle and buffalos. Their milk output depends mainly on seasonal fluctuations in the quality and quantity of natural forage. Crop residues such as corn stover and rice straw which are high in fiber but low in nutrients serve as feed supplement and filler to the daily diets of dairy cattle and buffalos. Cagayan Valley is a top corn and rice producing region. The potential of crop residues as feed supplements or raw materials of dairy cattle/buffalo feedmix is great. But dairy farmers still face scarcity problem of quality feed resources for dairy animals especially during dry season. The supply of forage is very low during the dry spell. Inadequate feedmix and low nutritive value of feedmix result to low or no milk production. Producing green corn and ensiling it to produce green corn silage preserves and prolong storage life of forages. In this way a stable supply of feedmix for dairy animals is assured year-round.

Type of Paper: Empirical.

Keywords: adoption and commercialization, dairy industry, financial viability, green-corn silage production, indigenous grasses, smallholder farmers.


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