Development of Denial of Service (DoS) Mitigation for Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Node

Abdul Fuad Abdul Rahman, Azni Ab Halim, Nurul Syazwani, Maslina Daud, Madihah Zulfa Mohamad, Muhamad Izzat Yahood


Objective - The objective of this paper is to proposed a lightweight IDS algorithm to secure IoT Sensor Node.

Methodology/Technique - The proposed IDS algorithm for IoT Sensor Node shall prevents the abnormal energy consumption by monitoring, calculating and evaluating energy drop from each cluster nodes based on few condition.

Findings - The DoS attack is considered as one of security threat that may affected the quality service of IoT network and also reduce the lifespan of IoT Sensor Nodes

Novelty - The approach is using data from previous experiments and translated it to develop a mitigation to secure IoT Sensor Node, thus increased the lifespan of IoT Sensor Nodes.

Type of Paper: Other.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT); Intrusion Detection System (IDS); Denial of Service (DoS); Smart Water; Sensor.

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