Octabrix based IoT device for neighboring locality air purity monitoring system

Shreenidhi HS, Narayana Swamy Ramaiah


Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving to be a revolution in the field of technology both in terms of hardware and software. Various market opportunities and rapid increase in number of connected devices witness the growth of IoT. In this paper, an IoT enabled device is implemented for monitoring the pollution level at a specific location. Octabrix device is utilised to manipulate the MQ-2 sensor data to analyze the pollution level. An Octabrix is a pair of low cost Wi-Fi module with minimal space requirement standalone application. The proposed system uses MQ-2 sensor, which monitors air purity in and around its neighboring location. In-turn, Octabrix is programmed to notify the air purity among the authenticated users automatically through an internet enabled smart-phones. Octabrix development board consists of an in-build LED ring that turns BLUE, RED when the air quality is below and above threshold value respectively. Also, the notification of the Air purity could be obtained through Google Allo on an internet enabled smart-phone via Blynk SMS. The proposed system is analyzed using Thinger.io a cloud platform for analyzing the sensor data. The experimental result is plotted and compared for different localities.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Internet of Things; Octabrix; MQ-2 Sensor; GOOgle ALLo; Thinger.io; Blynk

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