Translating Aids for Disabled People Using American Sign Language Hand

Muhammad Zubair Salahuddin Chishti


Objective - The project revolves around the design, development of hand glove for translating hand gesture of autistic individuals.

Methodology/Technique - The research evaluates multiclass logistic regression ability in the field of hand gesture recognition, which has been found out to be 70% for 3D and 75% for 2D gesture recognition

Findings - From research sensor-based prototype has been found out to work perfectly in 2D as well as 3D gesture recognition.

Novelty - Moreover, extensive IoT (Internet of Things) feature informing the close relatives of autistic individual in case of an emergency and continuous online monitoring for spontaneous feedback of the product has been incorporated in the project

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: American Sign Language; Internet of Things; Logistic Regression; Autism; Disabled People.


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