The method of numerical analysis of vibration of a rigid solid body placed on a multilayer substrate under impact loading

Zbigniew Szcześniak, Marlena Niedziałek*, Mariusz Łuniewski


Objective - The main purpose of the paper is presenting of the subsoil numerical model properties as the non-prismatic bar. Especially, influence of the layered subsoil nature was regarded in the dynamic interaction process.

Methodology/Technique - The reaction of the subsoil was determined in the stress waves analysis. The own modelling method was used, that characterized by null-error method.

Findings - The obtained results reflect well of the spatial damping in the non-layered and layered subsoil with reflected and breakdown stress wave.

Novelty - It was demonstrated possibility of the original simple modelling method of the dynamic response of a complex type systems building-subsoil with layered spatial structure. The presented modelling offers a null method error.

Type of Paper: Conceptual

Keywords: civil engineering, stress waves, discrete computational models, structural element dynamics, non-prismatic bar.


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