The Fuel Briquette Compressed Machine from Palm Residue

Sakultala Wannapakhe


The objectives of this thesis were designed and build the fuel briquette compressed machine from palm residue for the fuel briquettes have the standard shape. Because of PALM meat and fiber which is tough to make fuel therefore the design and building of fuel briquette compressed machine were used hydraulic. The fuel briquette compressed machine from palm residue was divided of motor 3 Hp, hydraulic pump, cylinder, and forming mold set. The ratios of ingredient for testing of fuel briquette extrusion (palm residue : water : cassava starch) were 1:1:1, 2:1:1, 3:1.5:1, and 4:1.5:1 kg. The experimental pressures were 11, 15, and 20 kgf/m2. The suitable pressure and ratio were kgf/m2 and 4:1.5:1 kg, respectively. The testing results of fuel properties of density value, calorific value, and compression strength were 970.58 kg/m3, 4,297.87 MJ/K and 0.55 MPa, respectively.

Type of Paper: Conceptual / Empirical/other

Keywords: Palm Oil; Fuel Briquette; Compressed Machine

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