Nuclear Penetration for a Deregulated Electricity Market for Peninsula Malaysia: A Systemic Feasibility Analysis

TANG Suet Yee, TAN Andrew Huey Ping, YAP Eng Hwa


Objective - This paper aims to investigate the feasibility of employing nuclear power in peninsula Malaysia, within the context of a deregulated electricity market framework.

Methodology/Technique - System dynamics modelling and simulation has been adopted in this research. A qualitative causal loop diagram, which represent the relationships of key factors in the dynamics of nuclear power in peninsula Malaysia's electricity market, was first constructed. It is divided into three sections: (1) investment decisions, (2) power generation, and (3) maintaining business as usual. The causal loop diagram is converted into stock and flow diagram, where variables are quantified by input values and equation, before simulated for a set period of 38 years. Three scenarios were designed to facilitate the research: (A) business as usual, (B) nuclear power expansion, and (C) renewable energy expansion.

Findings - Simulations showed that scenario B can could potentially strengthen the region's energy security under specific conditions in addressing capacity redundancy and emissions reduction. Also, having a diverse market is paramount in contributing to responsiveness of market.

Novelty - A systemic and dynamic understanding on the implications of two energy scenarios on the country has been established.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Energy Security; Electricity Market; Deregulation; System Dynamics; Nuclear Power.

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