A Multi-Factor Authentication Scheme Using Attack Recognition and Key Generator Technique

Noor Afiza Mohd Ariffin , Noor Fazlida Mohd Sani


Security plays an important role in many authentication applications. Modern era information sharing is boundless and becoming much easier to access with the introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Although this can be considered as a good point, issues such as privacy and data integrity arise due to the lack of control and authority. For this reason, the concept of data security was introduced. This research was focused on the authentication of data security. There have been substantial research that discusses on multi-factor authentication scheme but most of those researches do not entirely protect data against all types of attacks. Most current research only focuses on improving the security part of authentication while neglecting other important parts such as the accuracy and efficiency of the system. Current multifactor authentication schemes were simply not designed to have security, accuracy, and efficiency as their focus. To overcome the above issue, this research will propose a new multi-factor authentication scheme, which is capable to withstand external attacks, which are known security vulnerabilities, and attacks, which are based on user behaviour. On the other hand, the proposed scheme still needs to maintain an optimum level of accuracy and efficiency. From the result of the experiments, the proposed scheme was proven able to withstand the attacks due to the implementation of the attack recognition and key generator technique together in the proposed scheme.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Security, multi-factor authentication, biometric.

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